Friday, 22 June 2012

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Being an online major retailer of diverse kind of sweet & cheap bulk candy ,  Bulk Candy Nuts is an authorized candy distributor that is situated in Philadelphia where you can find different kinds of Candies which are manufactured from fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. and are being coated with sugar.

It can be noted that some of the favorite candies for Americans such as- The Good n' Plenty & Dubble Bubble Bubble gum are manufactured in Philadelphia. And Hershey- the home of another notable American chocolates products- the Peep is also based nearby.

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Dedicating & focusing its time in manufacturing the quality confectionery brands, Bulk Candy Nuts has been flourishing & providing close to 1100 different specific candy products from nearly 50 distributors. In order to sustain its competency as the purest candy products provider, Bulk Candy Nuts regularly executes detailed market research & analysis applying new plan of actions while guaranteeing pleasurable experience to its customers.

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